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4x4 Triple Zinc Galvanized Elevated Post Base

USP Structural Connectors
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These post bases allow installers to pre-align posts and preset post heights above concrete floors or footings. By eliminating post-to-concrete contact, moisture damage is reduced.

* Not recommended for fence post or other fixed post applications. These anchors are not designed to resist overturning (moment) loads.


  • 16 gauge tube, 16 gauge steel U-bracket
  • 3-9/16" x 3" x 3" x 8" (WxLxH1xH2)
  • Fasteners Needed: (8) 16d nails
  • Allowable Loads (DF-L/SP):
    • F1 160%: 1100 lbs.
    • F2 160%: 1180 lbs.
    • Bearing 100%: 2485 lbs.
    • Uplift 160%: 1085 lbs.
  • Code References: L5

* Lateral loads (F1 and F2) are for conditions where pipe extends no more than 1" above the concrete surface.
* Uplift Loads have been increased 60% for wind and seismic loads; no further increase shall be permitted.
* Minimum nail embedment shall be 1-5/8" for 16d nails.