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YorkShield 106 HP, High Performance Copper Laminated Flashing, 7-Ounce 12"x20'

York Manufacturing, Inc.
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You'll find it on the most expensive homes in town. Copper trim. It's the mark of elegance and exclusivity. Beautiful even as it ages to a soft patina, copper trim turns the simplest house into a stunning showcase.

If you think copper is too expensive or too difficult to work with for construction, think again. YorkShield 106 HP™ is the cost-effective alternative to heavy-gauge 16 oz. decorative copper flashing, that provides all the beauty and performance of copper at a fraction of the cost! Copper will last longer than lead, galvanized steel, or aluminum flashings.

Imagine it around windows, doors, sills or chimneys. Picture it glistening in the valleys of a complex roof design. Wherever it's used, YorkShield 106 HP™ will be dependable and long-lasting, but most of all, impressively beautiful.

  • Super tough backing laminated for extreme puncture and tear resistance for superior performance
  • Easy to work with - can be formed without using a mechanical brake, conforms to any shape
  • Compatible with all pressure treated woods, mortar and cement
  • Warranted for the life of the building*