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Safety Boot Guardrail System

Safety Maker, Inc.
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The Safety Boot Guardrail System can be kept on-site and easily installed as dangerous fall situations develop. BE PROACTIVE! Protect open areas in minutes and provide continuing fall protection throughout all construction phases, including drywall installation.
Have 24 hour fall protection; Protect your job site BEFORE your workers leave for the day.

  • Two 2X4's Create A Rigid Post - Leave Attached For Future Use
  • High Impact Polymer Construction Is Lightweight
  • Toeboard Slot Design Eliminates Tacking
  • Eliminates Bracing. 10-1/2" Diagonal Footprint
  • Anchors Into Most Surfaces, Including Concrete
  • Instant Toeboards! 2X4's Meet Federal OSHA Requirements
  • All Critical Stress Points Reinforced - Double Polymer Thickness